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Best price Guarantee

Nitestay.com price matching guarantee

Nitestay.com reservations are guaranteed to be the lowest rate you can find. If there is a lower rate publicly available for the same dates and the same hotel or accommodation and room category, you must contact us prior to the hotel's cancellation deadline. Deadlines vary by hotel and travel dates. Please refer to your booking confirmation for the applicable deadline.

Bookings that cannot be cancelled or payments made at check-in are not subject to this guarantee.

If your booking qualifies for this guarantee, we will either, at our option, refund the difference to you, or, if you would prefer, allow you to cancel the reservation without penalty.

Here's how it works

  • Found a better price? Check it's the same room at the same hotel on the same dates
  • Ask us to match the price Just call us or email us and we'll check the details
  • We'll refund the difference And you can look forward to your stay

Just so you know

We can't price match if bookings aren't available to individuals or general public for example: group rates or corporate rates
Blind bookings where you only find out which hotel you're staying at after you've paid
Loyalty program member only rates, or when travelers pay using loyalty points on competitor's sites

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