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Nitestay.com Rewards

Our loyalty program, Nitestay.com rewards, is for guests who registered on nitestay.com with a valid email address. Points are accumulated from hotel booking and are available to Nitestay.com rewards members only. By choosing to participate with our rewards program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Free Night

After booking and staying 10 nights at eligible hotels, you'll earn 1 night free* to redeem at a hotel listed on nitestay.com. Free nights value are based on the average value of previous 10 nights you've collected excluding taxes and fees. In the case where room choice rate exceeds average value, the difference in price is required to complete booking. Using discount coupons, group bookings and pay at check-in option currently do not qualify as collectable nights.

Member Benefits

1.) Still not sure why you should be a rewards member? Members get more benefits. The higher your member status, the more rewards you get. Plus points never expire! Meaning you don't have to worry about losing your points each year if unused. However, reward member levels last for 24 months from the date you achieve the Reward level. See chart below for member benefits.

Rewards Status Chart
Rewards Member Points per booking Points for leaving hotel reviews Bonus points per booking Discount per booking
1 - 10 nights 100 50 0 0
Bronze Member
11 - 25 nights 100 50 0 0
Silver Member
26 - 40 nights 100 50 25 0%
Gold Member
41 - 60 nights 100 50 50 2%
Platinum Member
61 - 85 nights 100 50 75 5%
Diamond Member
More than 85 nights 100 50 100 7%

2.) Want to collect point each time you stay at a hotel in Nigeria? You can order your Rewards member card after your first booking through your user account and we will send your rewards card with your name on it!

3.) Reward members also get access to our Elite Member Phone Lines which gives your special treatment when making your reservation with us over the phone. You can also make your reservation directly through our site. Please call us at 01-2917398 with your reward member number and we will be happy to assist you with your next booking or inquiry.

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