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Tips on How to Make Your Business Trip Fun by Isioma Ugbode 28th Jan 2019    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

A Business trip is fun free and stress filled as far as some people are concerned and they would rather stay back and go to work as usual than take a business trip.

It’s all work till the end of the trip as they have planned your stay till the last hour, this is why when business trips come up, most people are not happy because they know its no better than spending time in their office.

Traveling With Your Kids by Isioma Ugbode 13th Dec 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

Traveling is a lot of fun and adventure for adults, but when it comes to children, you never know if it’s a good idea or a bad one because of a lot of circumstances surrounding traveling with kids.

10 Things to Do/Places to Visit While in Abuja by Isioma Ugbode 9th Dec 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

Abuja, a purpose-built capital city, is the second of the ten most populous cities in Nigeria after Lagos, with a population of about 6 million people as estimated in 2016.

Abuja was the name of Suleja, a town close to Abuja and the indigenous people of Abuja are the Gwari people and Gwari language was the major language.

Top 7 Museums in Nigeria by Isioma Ugbode 29th Nov 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

Nigeria is a culture and traditions rich country and what way to explore and appreciate these cultures, traditions and values than acquiring more knowledge about them.

12 Top Luxurious Hotels in Nigeria by Isioma Ugbode 24th Nov 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

When on a business trip, vacation or holiday, the hotel you lodge determines how relaxed, comfortable and how much fun you would have on your trip because it becomes your home for that particular period.

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