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Top 100 Travel Blogs to Follow in 2018 by Linda Ogbonye 28th May 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

Travelling is one of the most exciting things to do, as it gives you the opportunity to go to a new place, visit new people, eat new food and in fact acquire new knowledge. It reminds me of the Disney song,  A whole new world! When we travel, there is this excitement that comes with it that makes us want to explore new channels and see different things.

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Nigerian Visa - How To Apply For A Nigerian Visa & Requirements by Wuraola Adegoke 21st May 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

Are you visiting Nigeria as a tourist with the intention of visiting Nigeria’s landmarks and captivating attractions like Obudu Cattle Ranch, Kajuru Castle, Olumo Rock, Erin-Ijesha Waterfall, Wikki Springs in Bauchi, IBB Golf Course in Abuja, and the likes? Or perhaps you see a potential in the Nigerian economy and would love to invest. Or you probably got a job and would have to work physically in Nigeria?

Strange Greeting Etiquettes Around The World by Wuraola Adegoke 16th May 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

Namaste… Ciao…Bonjour…. Ekaro….

These are the various forms of greetings around the world. These traditional greetings, representing various regions developed to cultural norms –often intended to show respect.

Strange African Culture/Facts You Never Knew Existed by Wuraola Adegoke 1st Mar 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

To some people, Africa is a continent full of mysteries. Interestingly, there are a lot of things relatively unknown about Africa- the world’s largest black continent and home to over a billion people.

Top 11 Things Tourists Should Never Do In Lagos by Wuraola Adegoke 22nd Feb 2018    Leave a comment    Travel Blog,

From its beaches to its markets, Lagos is a huge metropolis that attracts visitors from all works of life. It’s not surprising since it’s blessed with numerous tourists’ attractions such as National Museum, Bar Beach, Takwa Bay, Lekki Leisure Lake, and much more. There’s something for everyone!

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