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Four (4) Things to Note When Planning a Family Vacation by Amadi Inya 25th Jun 2016    Leave a comment    Visit my City,

Since the creation of man, man has been traveling from one place to another in search of food, knowledge, food, culture, business, meeting new people and other purposes. Traveling they say is part of education, that is to say, the more you travel the more you get enlightened, the more you learn new things. The more you travel the more you get refreshed and redefined. 

Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Safe While Away on Vacation by Amadi Inya 4th Jun 2016    Leave a comment    Visit my City,

There are a lot of travellers who don’t like travelling by their own car. Some said it is more expensive to travel by their car than the public vehicle. Some said they cannot drive for a long period of time. Whatsoever be the reason, when you’re going on a vacation you will definitely miss your car. Imagine driving yourself and you’re controlling the speed and also, the comfort you will enjoy in your own car.

13 Ways To Save Money When Traveling by Amadi Inya 29th Apr 2016    Leave a comment    Visit my City,

One of the major aims of any tourist visiting a destination is to have fun and at the same time spend less is more important. In order to get the best rates for both hotel and airfare, you have to plan your trip in advance at least 3 months. To spend less and still have fun in your destination follow these steps.

9 Ways to Find a good Hotel When Planning Your Next Trip by Amadi Inya 21st Apr 2016    Leave a comment    Visit my City,

One of the most difficult tasks, whenever you want to book a hotel is finding a good hotel that meets all your needs. And finding this hotel can be stressful. Thanks to technology, you can now reserve and book any hotel of your choice online. Apart from reservation and booking online, you can also compare prices and shop around to get the best rates before booking. 

Top 8 Best Beaches in Nigeria by Amadi Inya 14th Apr 2016    Leave a comment    Visit my City,

Despite the fact that the beaches listed below are the best in Nigeria, none of them are among the top beaches in Africa. This is not because there are not good but because Nigeria is not known for its coastlines. Nigeria is blessed with beautiful beaches with golden sand and beautiful sea shores that are good for picnic, sun bathing and other activities. The best time to visit any of these beaches is during the dry season when the water has reduced.

10 Types of people you will see at Nigeria's International Airports by Amadi Inya 8th Apr 2016    Leave a comment    Visit my City,

In Nigeria there are 5 international airports namely Abuja - Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Enugu - Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Kano - Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Lagos - Murtala Muhammed International Airport and Port Harcourt - Port Harcourt International Airport.


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