9 Ways to Find a good Hotel When Planning Your Next Trip

One of the most difficult tasks, whenever you want to book a hotel is finding a good hotel that meets all your needs. And finding this hotel can be stressful. Thanks to technology, you can now reserve and book any hotel of your choice online. Apart from reservation and booking online, you can also compare prices and shop around to get the best rates before booking. 

Today I am going to review with you the best and simple steps to follow if you want to get the best hotel. Even if you have not booked before don’t worry I have got you covered. *Wink*

Set Your Budget 

Setting your budget simply mean, determining the amount of money you want to spend per night in a hotel. This does not mean you are going to stay in one cheap and dirty hotel. Setting your budget is the right step to take. This will help narrow your search whenever you are looking for the best hotel that suits all your needs. When you have your budget set, you will know the number of night you will stay and the amount you want to pay per night and also the meal you will be taking. 

The Type of Room You Want 

Different people have different needs and want. Determining the type of room you want is paramount. The type of room a couple will use will be different from the type of room a family with children will use. A family with children will need a large room with a baby bed and also a sizeable bathroom. If you're travelling alone as a solo traveller you will just go for a single room with comfortable bathroom. Before you book a hotel room ask yourself Do I need double bedded room or a single room? Do I have any room special request? For instance, in the case of disability. Do you need a wheelchair and other disable people’s amenities? I would advise you should check if the hotel; will provide all your needs.

The Type of Hotel

We have different types of hotels that cater for different type of people. Knowing the type of hotel you want will assist you in finding the best hotel. Do you want a hotel with Spa and Fitness center? Do you want a hotel with night club? Do you want a hotel with conference/event center? Do you want a hotel with Swimming pool and other recreational facilities? All these are some of the things you need to note before booking a hotel.

Choose Your Location

I was searching for a hotel in Sandton, South Africa for my client that was going to a conference in Sandton conventional center. See what I did. I did not just start searching for all the hotels in Sandton I searched for the ones closer to the convention center and without wasting time I got what I want. I found out that the closer and convenient the hotel location, the better for you. There are some few questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the location of your hotel. Do you want a hotel that is closer to tourist attractions? Do you want your hotel closer to convention/event/conference centers? Do you want to stay in a hotel that is located in the city so that you can shop around? Do you love privacy and you want a hotel outside the town? Etc Answer the above questions before booking your hotel. Though your location depends on the type of journey you want to embark. If you’re a business traveller you will probably look for a hotel with convention/event/conference centers. Those travelling for tourism will always go for hotels close to tourist attractions and with in-house recreational facilities.

Search For Hotels Online

The traditional method of searching for a hotel is gradually going. Today everything can now be accessed online. Searching for hotel online is the easiest and the quickest using hotel search engine like NITESTAY When you get to this hotel search engine, you can enter the date you want to travel, the number of nights, the number of people that are travelling with you and the date you will depart. Some search engine will allow you to enter your budget in other to narrow your search. After entering your details, the hotel search engine will present the entire available hotel with their price tag. Some hotel search engine like NITESTAY will provide a map so that you can see the hotel location and the nearest bus stop.

Use Discounted Search Tools to Compare Hotels 

Discounted search tool is a search engine that can be used to compare prices of different hotels. That is how it works. Enter your travelling date and the price you want. The discounted search engine will display several hotels with discounted and cheaper rate. After that, you can then choose the option the one that meets all your needs.

Read Reviews

Whenever I want to book a hotel, the first thing I will do is to read reviews of the hotels I am considering. The important of these reviews is to give you a clue how the hotel is. The reviews are always written by previous customers of the hotel. You will see what the customers have to say about the hotel in terms of cleanliness, customer service, the facilities available and their total experience in the hotel. The customers can also use star rating to rate the hotel performance I would recommend TripAdvisor because I have used it and I Know how it works. NOTE: Not all that guiltier are gold, some reviews are misleading and not completely trustworthy or honest.

Call The Hotel

There are some things you want to know about a hotel that you cannot get online. You may want to know how secured the hotel is, the nearest bus stop, the distance from the hotel to another location and also the hotel cancellation policy. Apart from that, calling a hotel can get you a better deal and you will know how effective and efficient the hotel is in terms of customer’s service.

Virtual Tours

Nowadays many hotels are now providing online virtual tours of the hotel and its facilities. Take advantage of this virtual tour, see what the hotel has to offer, see the different types of rooms and the hotel facilities and the environment. Another added advantage of this virtual tour is that, you can share it with your friends and group to see the kind of hotel you’re staying

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