13 Ways To Save Money When Traveling

One of the major aims of any tourist visiting a destination is to have fun and at the same time spend less is more important. In order to get the best rates for both hotel and airfare, you have to plan your trip in advance at least 3 months. To spend less and still have fun in your destination follow these steps.

Search for Hotels

Before booking for hotel, what you need to do is to search for the hotels at your destination. There are many cheap hotel accommodations everywhere around the world, all you need to do is to search.

Use Public Transport

Using public transportation at your destination will help reduce expenses. If you are visiting Nigeria, for instance, there are so many public transportations that are very convenient and comfortable to move around with.

Use Vacation rental condominium

Vacation rental condominium is less expensive compare to hotel rooms and there are a lot of space that can accommodate you.

Plan in advance

Planning in advance can help you secure a good deal for both hotels and airfare. There are some hotels that offer a discount for early birds (early bookings). Also in airlines, when you book in advance the price tend to be lower than when you book few days to your travel date.

Choose your dates.

The dates you choose can influence the amount you will spend on your trip. For instance, if you’re travelling during peak season you will spend higher than when you are travelling during off peak seasons and you will save more money during the off-peak period.

Cost of living

One of the things you should not joke with when choosing a destination is the cost of living in the country. Cost of living varies from one country to another.

Don’t travel on weekends

Some group of researchers claimed that travelling during the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) is more expensive than travelling midweek by air. What this simple mean is that, traveling within the week is less expensive than weekends.

Travel with valuable Items 

There are some things you should not ignore when travelling. Things like jacket/coat this well help you and save you from spending money to buy a new one. Even if there is no rainfall in your destination, it is better to go prepared.

Travel with your own food

I remember when I was traveling with my friends and we cooked our own food, it was really fun and we didn’t spend much on food for the journey. You can try it. Prices of food vary from one country to another, you can travel with snacks and drinks. It will help you save a lot of money you would have spent on food.

Go for free entertainment

Instead of spending huge amount of money on entertainment you can look around for free shows to attend. For instance in Lagos, there are bars and clubs that you can access free of charge, you can enjoy the music there, comedy show etc. there are also museums, art gallery and other attractions/activities you can enjoy for free or pay a token just to encourage them.

Ask Questions 

When you get to your hotel, first thing I would advise you to do is to consult the hotel concierge and ask them questions like the does and donot's of your destination, where to go and places to avoid, the nearest bus stop, the prices of local commodities etc

Move with foot

In order to reduce cost, you can move around your destination on foot or maybe hire a bike which will be lesser instead of hiring a cab which will be more expensive. When you move around on foot you can interact with the host community and also see some good tourist spots.

Free Browsing

If you’re the type that loves staying online, you can look for libraries with free internet facilities. In some cities their libraries are usually equipped with modern facilities and internet facilities. You can just go to the libraries and enjoy free internet. You can also download some materials like the city guide that can help you. Apart from the library, there are some other cool spots within a city that you can have access to free internet.

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