Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Safe While Away on Vacation

There are a lot of travellers who don’t like travelling by their own car. Some said it is more expensive to travel by their car than the public vehicle. Some said they cannot drive for a long period of time. Whatsoever be the reason, when you’re going on a vacation you will definitely miss your car. Imagine driving yourself and you’re controlling the speed and also, the comfort you will enjoy in your own car.

Today I will be giving you (5) five powerful and simple things to do to keep your vehicle safe while you're away enjoying your vacation.


When you’re going on a long trip for like a month or more, the first thing you should do is to fill your car tank with either fuel or gas (whichever one your engine is using). The reason for this is to limits the amount of moisture that accumulates in your car tank. When moistures accumulate in your car it will cause the seals to dry out.


No matter where you parked your car before travelling. Whether it is in your garage or outside as long as the car is not covered there is every tendency that some elements or debris will rest on the car. Since you’re not around to wash the car, these elements or debris may cause damage to your car. I would advise you should use a lightweight and quality cover to cover your car. If you don’t have Buy one today *Wink*


As long as you’re going on a long trip, maybe you’re planning to spend at least a month or more than a month, it is advisable you should change your oil. My school lecturer once told us in the class during his lecture that he usually changes his car oil before travelling. The big question is why must you change the oil before travelling? The answer is this; there is some dirty sediment in old oil that can affect your car functionality and well-being of you engine. It is also advisable to change all other fluids or you can top off. The advantages of all these changing of oil and another fluid are, when you come back from your long trip the amount of work that you have to do to get your vehicle ready will reduce.


Whenever you leave your battery for a long time there is every tendency that your battery will get drained. It is advisable for you to have someone that will turn on the car for at least for few minutes once a week. And also, run (i.e Drive) the car for at least (15) fifteen to (20) twenty minutes. This will enable the alternator to charge your battery up. Whenever you come back, your car will just start up.


It is advisable you should contract auto Storage Company to handle your car while you’re on vacation instead of leaving your car at the airport. The auto storage company will know the best time and how to start your car in order to prevent loss of battery power. The will also maintain the vehicle and ensure that the vehicle is properly covered.

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