The Ultimate Guide to Traveling for Beginners

Travelling can be so much fun if you get it right.

That is why we have decided to create this hand curated list of the best travel tips. Either you are traveling for the first time, a solo travel or a die-hard traveler, you will find some useful information here that will help you make the most out of your traveling.

This guide will be updated frequently to ensure that we provide the best and update information about travel to everyone so if you think we missed a resource or guide, please feel free to send it to



1. Why is it important to travel?

2. How to Plan Your Trip

3. The Complete Travel Gear Every Traveler Needs

4. What is Travel Insurance and the Best Tips for Choosing One?

5. Top Travel Mistake Most Travelers Makes

6. How to Stay Safe While You Travel



Let’s dive in


Chapter 1:  Why is it important to travel?

If you are still in doubt if traveling is for you, then check out this amazing reasons why you should at least travel once in a life time. From health reasons to personal development, this resources shares the benefit of traveling for business or leisure.



Chapter 2: How to Plan Your Trip

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you truly want to enjoy your trip, you need to make sure that you make adequate preparation. This includes knowing where you want to go, book an hotel if you are not staying with a relative and how to plan your trip like an expert even if this is your first time of traveling out of your zone.



Chapter 3: The Complete Travel Gear Every Traveler Needs

What make a good travel companion? Your backpack. Get all the information you need to know about what travel essentials you should include in your pack and how exactly to arrange that backpack or suitcase.



Chapter 4: What is Travel Insurance and the Best Tips for Choosing One?

Choosing the right insurance for every day purpose like cars, house etc is enough headache for most people. Solve this dilemma with this expert resources on what travel insurance is and how to choose the best one.



Chapter 5: Top Travel Tips for Travelers

Now to the best part of this resources. A collection of the top travel tips for beginners and die hard experts. Get tips for both business and leisure travel here.



Chapter 6: How to Stay Safe While You Travel

One of the most important part of traveling especially if you are visiting a strange place for the first time is knowing how to stay safe. Follow this experts as they share their tips for staying safe and what you need to do if you ever have an issue or concerns.




Top Travel bloggers to follow on twitter


Getting travel tips on the go and be a quick and big win but looking where exactly to do so can be quite daunting. While there are hundreds of bloggers who share amazing travel tips on twitter, we highly recommend this short list of the top travel bloggers to follow on twitter.


  1. @LonelyPlanet
  2. @TripAdvisor
  3. @FodorTravel
  4. @ukseries
  5. @adventuregirl
  6. @SeatGuru
  7. @Mariyln_Res
  8. @travolution
  9. @travelmagazine
  10. @itisalovelylife


That is it. Our top collection of the best travel tips from around the net. If you think we miss a resources, please send an email to

Now over to you. What are your favorite travel hacks or tips?

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