Top 100 Travel Blogs to Follow in 2018

Travelling is one of the most exciting things to do, as it gives you the opportunity to go to a new place, visit new people, eat new food and in fact acquire new knowledge. It reminds me of the Disney song,  A whole new world! When we travel, there is this excitement that comes with it that makes us want to explore new channels and see different things.

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Travelling is just that exhilarating activity that everyone should do at least once in a year in other relax those limbs and rest the muscles.

When travelling, there are essential things that you ought to have. For instance, you need a map or a guide of where you are going to. Although it could be convenient to ask around and meet new people through that process, however, sometimes it is not safe to do so, especially when you are in a strange land and you do not know who is trustworthy.

One of the worst things that can happen to a traveller is when you go to a new terrain without knowing the tourist spots, the respectable hotels or lodges, the restaurants (of course we all like good food) and the cool places to hangout and relax. That is why it is essential as a traveller for you to follow some travel blogs. They can help give insight as to where to go to and what you are supposed to do in a new environment. This list is maintained annually by NiteStay- The #1 destinations for hotels in Nigeria.


Below is a list of some of the top travel blogs that every frequent traveller ought to follow:

100 Travel Blogs to Bookmark in 2018


1. Voyager: This site has an easy to use interface and it promises to give its readers an experience. Its simple style, and the use of black and white, gives the blog a classy look that makes it appealing to the readers. It contains a food and accommodation page that offers in-depth knowledge about restaurants and hotels in different places. One interesting aspect about the site is that it contains a lifestyle page where information on Arts, Events, Books, Shopping can be seen. Through the eyes of these travel bloggers, you can see different destinations and share in their experience to understand how the world is.


2. A Luxury Travel Blog: This is a blog that focuses on travel experience, good places to find a hotel and restaurants to eat in. It also contains information about tourist sites where you can relax and catch some fun. It has articles on “how tos” and it is highly recommended for you to follow as the information in its articles are highly relevant for a good travel experience.


3. Man on the lam: At first glance, this site does not seem like a travel blog because it contains fonts and designs that are more suited for a business blog than a travel blog. It has an old school feel that conveys a message of the past but also brings information about the future to its readers. Its general focus is about the reader’s ability to escape the realities of the world in order to experience the new realities that the blog and the outside world hope to offer. It has pages named “Loot, Hideout, Escapees, The Yard, Canteen etc.” The Escape page offers information on destination guides (things to do & sites to see), while the Escapees page offers information on interviews and profiles of people who like to travel around the globe.


4. The Planet D: This site promises adventure for everyone. It contains a blog, a photo page and information about travel resources. The site gives you information about how to book accommodation, book flights and even book transport that would take you around after you must have reached your destination. The site also recommends where you can get travel gear from and places where you can hire a good photographer. It provides information on insurance and where to get a good phone service provider. In all, the blog provides the essential information that is needed for a good trip in order for you to enjoy your time.


5. The Nomadic Vegan: if you are a vegetarian, jump in here, because this site has got you covered. Imagine being a vegan and not knowing where to get appropriate food from, especially in a new place. Well, you don’t have to worry much because this site contains information about where to get vegan delicacies from. Asides the food, the blog also offers information on travel destinations, books, resources etc. that are needed for a good journey. The site has a blog that gives information about how to live as a vegan and it explains the journey to being a vegan.


6. Travel Textbook: This site has a really beautiful interface with students as its target audience. It also caters to the general public but it focuses more on travel spots for students. It contains the relevant pages for a travel blog but one unique page that it has it’s the “University” category where information concerning different university experiences is explained. If you are a university student and you are looking for cheap travel destinations, there is an interesting article for you to read that can help you in making your travel decisions. So, if you are a student, this site is for you!


7. LetUsGoTo: This site gives you information on different choice locations for you to go to, to experience different cultures and cuisine. The site is basically a blog that gives you information about different places and what makes them unique. Unlike the other travel sites, it does not tell you where to get your travel gear or where to book accommodation or how to get your flight ticket. It basically offers you the experience of the travellers and how the journeys have changed their lives. It gives you a view of another place through the writer’s eyes and it helps you to understand things from their perspective.


8. Black Canvas Voyage: When you open the site, you are welcomed with a song that immerses you into the ambience of the site. It contains information about travel resources, what to get when you are travelling, where to get it from and advice on budgeting and all. One very special feature about this site is that it contains information for the deaf community and the different challenges that they go through. These authors do not just travel, they try to touch lives wherever they find themselves. They try to raise awareness that “Deaf people can do anything”. 


9. Travelsewhere: this site is one that has an interesting interface. It uses purple and white to depict travelling experiences. The font and the theme used for this site is very modern and very chic and it gives the ambience of warmth. The site contains stories about varying travelling spots and how each one has its own unique experience. The author uses photographs as well to tell stories about the different places he has been to and these photographs form a basic insight to what people are expected to get from touring those places.


10. The Barefoot Nomad: One great thing about this site is that it is current with the digital age as there are options for travel apps that can help readers with travel insurance, travel gear and more. Its interface, though a little bit clustered, contains data on reviews, travel tips and travel blogs. It helps the readers to easily adapt to a new location with recommendations for good hotels and restaurants as well as tour locations. If you are a first time traveller and you do not know the steps to take in planning your trip, this blog is recommended for you in other to kick start your ideas for you to make your trip a success.


11. Amanda’s Wanderlust: This is a blog by a young woman whose desire to share her travel experience to the world promoted the need to post articles. The blog contains information on the author’s travels and it also contains photographs of different places. The author focuses on eco-system and natural lifestyle. There are posts about wildlife and insects as well as posts about various cities. The blog has a travel quote segment where quotes from notable people in the society are recorded. In all, if you are looking for a blog that gives you information on nature, you have found a place with Amanda’s Wanderlust.


12. The Trusted Traveller: This site has an interesting interface as it uses white and purple to convey its message as a travel site. It contains information on how to plan your trip from the scratch. It gives good advice on “Booking your trip, getting around guides, things to do in a place” and more. The site gives informative and educative travel tips and also tries to give inspiration to people who have cold feet about travelling. It is basically your go to guide when you want to plan a trip to a new place as it offers you great information about the basic requirements for a journey.


13. My five acres: This site is quite colourful and interesting as it contains pictures and information about hotel accommodation and restaurants. The site promises adventure and a unique travelling experience. One added quality that this site has is that it also contains information about Yoga. So all you Yoga lovers, get in here, this site is for you! The authors teach different Yoga styles, and you can join in from across the globe by just a click of a button. The site also offers a book on travel which is placed on the site for FREE!


14. Piccolo Explorer: One great thing about this site is that it focuses on family travel, so if you are married and you plan on taking the family for a short vacation, this site is for you. It contains tips on how you can plan a trip, your tour guides and more. It offers great pictures of different food and cartoon characters for the kids. The site also gives information about museums, farms, parks and other places you can go to, to enjoy a nice experience in a new environment. This site however, is focused basically on Europe, United States of America and Asia.


15. Mostly Amelie: This site is sort of a risqué blog as it contains information about explicit travel. The author writes articles about information that appeal to her down to sexual topics and activities that was encountered during her travels. The site also contains information for vegans in order for them to live a healthy live while travelling. It gives information about best hotels to stay in at a given location and even has a story on visa brouhaha and how to deal with it. So if you are a vegan and want to see the world through the eyes of Amelie, then feel free to follow this site.


16. Every Steph: This site is all about green and nature. It focuses on the eco-system and how to be eco-friendly. It contains travel tips and information of food and lifestyle. One added quality of this site is that it gives you information about fashion. This is very useful when travelling because it is important to know the customs of the people you are going to see, particularly when it has to do with what to wear. Therefore the fashion aspect to the site is highly relevant and recommended for people to know about different cultural dressing.


17. Around the World in Eighty Years: This site contains a blog and a features page that gives you information about different notable travellers that have travelled across the globe. The author is a full time journalist whose love for travel transcends into the art of journalism as he writes unique pieces about different places that he has visited. The owner of the site is an award winning photographer therefore he has exquisite pictures of different locations that appeal to the mind and soul. The author also occasionally conducts a writing workshop where he trains upcoming writers in the art of journalism.


18. Travelling with Sweeny: if you love art, beauty and creativity, this site is for you as it gives information about art galleries, museums, beautiful places and more. The site has pictures of wine vineyards and art works that draw the attention of the audience to the beauty that the world has to offer. It gives information for people who do not just want to travel for leisure but for those who are looking at destination themed weddings and cozy places to spend anniversaries. It also gives information on cruise travel, so it is not just restricted to simple old hotels, it also gives information about enjoying luxury on a boat.


19. J the travel authority: This cite has a lovely interface as its website looks warm and friendly. It contains a blog, and information about what to do when travelling. An interesting article that it has is “What not to wear on a plane” which basically contains information about do’s and don’ts while travelling. One unique feature about this site is that it has a store where people can purchase different goods from. The store is made of accumulated artifacts that the owner of the site has acquired over the years. So if you are one of those that would love to travel to a particular place but might not get the chance, this is a good opportunity for you to purchase an item from the place.


20. Unravelling Nigeria: This is a Nigerian site that tries to showcase the beauty of Nigeria to the world. It is a blog that contains information about different tourists’ locations in Nigeria. Its beautiful interface displays palm trees that are peculiar to Nigeria and it has different articles about unique places in Africa. The author is not just limited to writing per week, but posts frequently in order to keep the readers informed. So if you are a first timer to Nigeria, feel free to check this site out as it is contains vital information that is very relevant to you.


21. The Sweetest way: this site may give you issues when you are trying to load it but somehow it is definitely worth it. By the time you see the beautiful pictures it has to offer and the numerous advices and encouragements that are given to travellers, you would definitely not mind clicking on that refresh button to get the gist of the site. It contains information about Entrepreneurship, freelancing, how to make money online while travelling and the rest. It also teaches about how to start a blog, blogging tools and more. The author writes about life issues, as well as travel recommendations.


22. Nomadic Matt: this site contains a blog as well as travel guides for all potential travellers to follow. It has books that are placed on the site for free where people can download and learn more about planning a trip. Interestingly, the site has a book club where readers can join in and talk about the different amazing travelling books they have read.


23. The Social Prefect: This is a Nigerian site that gives information about places in Nigeria. It contains an events page that informs people about upcoming events in towns close to them. There is also a motivational page that features different quotes for the week and a travel archive where stories about different travel locations are kept. A good thing about this site is that it contains a video page where videos from different travel trips are kept. So it is not just about pictures alone, you get to live the experience through the eyes of the blogger.


24. Solo Traveller: this is an interesting site that contains the necessary information about travel. It has a resource page where information about how to plan your trip is available for readers to learn from. It also contains information on how to save money while travelling through its “travel money page” which is highly educative.


25. Sta Travel: This site is targeted at young people, whether students or workers. It has articles on “reasons to study abroad” and “how to work abroad”. It has information on tours, budgeting, insurance and transport. The information you get from this blog cuts across the globe and it is quite interesting to follow.


26. Sage Travels: This is an African site that contains information about travel locations within Africa and across the globe. It contains news information about the travel industry in Africa and upcoming events that are happening in locations that you wish to travel to. A unique feature of this site is that it does not only limit itself to the author’s own travel experience but it gives readers the opportunity to share their own travel experience with the world. This unique component ensures that readers can see the world through the eyes and experience of different travellers not just one person like other sites and blogs.


27. Two monkeys travel group: This site is owned by a British and Filipina couple whose love for travel led them to create a site that caters to the needs of potential travellers. The site has a lifestyle page where they recommend hotels, restaurants, tour cites. Best part about this site is that it recommends a travel app which is line with current trends in technology.


28. Lonely Planet: This site uses blue and white interface to appeal to the minds of the readers. It is basically blog that contains information about different travel experiences and more. It helps you to make hotel booking, flight bookings, transportation arrangements and every other thing that you need to make your trip a success.


29. Luxury Travel Diary: Unlike the previous blog, this one uses black and white interface to draw people to its site. This site gives you information on accommodation, transport and style. One unique feature that it has is that it has an auction page where you can easily bid on holiday travel to different places across the globe.


30. Travel Dudes: this site is basically a blog for you to get latest information about different places. It contains information about Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and others. Its use of pictures to depict different tourist spots endears it to the eyes of the readers.


31. Expert Vagabond: The first thing that appeals to you when you open this site is the colourful use of pictures to tell a story. The site focuses on useful tips for travellers and resources that potential travellers can get before planning a journey. It has a blog that gives information about latest travel events.


32. Hand Luggage Only: The name of this site is one that most travellers would relate with. However, the fact that it is limiting travel to only hand luggage might not work well for families that are going for vacation. The site boasts of a “Hacks” page where information on blogging tips can be found as well as inspirational messages.


33. The Blonde Abroad: This site also includes information on road trips as well as long distance travel. It contains information for all sets of people; for students, for volunteers, for couples. It segments travel into female travel and solo travel, adventure travel, budget travel and luxury travel. So if you are on a budget there are tips there for you and if you want to spend and enjoy yourself, there are tips for you.


34.  Adventurous Kate: This site is a travel blog that gives information about travel tips and resources. It gives you information on how to get cheap flights, find accommodation, travel insurance, travel gear and more. It has information on the top best destination places to visit and best old towns Europe.


35. Naija Nomads: This is another Nigerian site that contains useful tips and information about the country and what Nigerians can do while travelling. It is not limited to Nigerians but to Africans as a whole. This site contains information about different destinations across the globe. It also celebrates travellers which the authors refer to as “Nomads of the week”, where they write different articles on each traveller’s experience. One good thing about this site is that it celebrates other travel blogs. Yes! They are not just about their own blog but they help to promote other blogs and bloggers as well.


36. Everything Everywhere: This site is not as glossy or aesthetic as most travel sites. This is because the site basically uses white as its interface. The site has information on travel gear, budgeting, hotel and restaurant spots and it also has a photo gallery where different pictures can be found. One unique feature that this site has is its podcast page.


37. Local Adventurer: This site contains everything from travel tips, to information about hikes and outdoors. It also gives information about national parks, best places to stay, restaurants and even packing guides. The author gives information about Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and South America.


38. Nomad Revelations: This blog uses videos to attract people to its site. When you first open the site, you are welcomed with a video of a traveller. This tells you that you are about to start a journey that would enable you see the world through the eyes of the writer. It gives you information about tips for travelling and more.


39. Goats on the road: This site also uses several videos to welcome people to its site. It shows adventurous stories of the authors and how their journey to different destinations has been successful.  This is not just your normal blog as the authors also give you tips on how to make money while travelling.


40. Bucket List journey: This site is a blog that gives you information on different travel tips, lifestyle and food. It also gives information on varieties of odd things that happened in the places that the writer has been to. The writers focus is vast and spans across Africa, Asia, Central America, Oceania, Europe and more.


41. The Ajala Project: This site uses different colours and paints to attract readers to its home page. It is a blog that focuses on travel, art, creativity and beauty. When you open the site, the first thing that attracts you is the graffiti that draws attention to the author’s love for art.  It has a store where it sells art products that have been gathered over the years. The site is not just limited to travel and arts but it also has category for “causes”, where they focus on burning issues in different societies in a bid to try to make the world a better place.


42. Be my travel Muse: This site belongs to a young woman who sees herself as a solo traveller. She writes about travelling, particularly, solo travelling and she gives advice on things to plan for before travelling. She is also an author of a book which she put up on the site. Unlike the other sites, this book is not for free!


43. Travel Croatia and Beyond: This site is a Croatian blog that basically gives information about how to plan a trip to Croatia and more. So all of you who are planning trips to Croatia and you need insider’s information. Feel free to follow this blog as it will help you in your quest.


44. Landlopers: This site uses pictures and colours to attract readers. The owner shares stories about good food, exquisite resorts and different locations to have fun. The site contains travel tips and is not limited to Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South and North America.


45. Travels of Adam: This is a blog that contains travel tips and basic information about travel. It uses the colours pink and white to draw people to its site. It gives you information about the Middle East, North Africa, Oceania, North America and Europe. The writer also gives good information about night life in different cities and how to live within a budget.


46. The Travel Sisters: This site is quite interesting as it gives you the regular information that a travel blog provides, but something extra that is added to it is that it also gives reviews about hotels, restaurants and even airport lounges. It gives you information on travel hacking, which is the practice of earning miles and points through methods other than flying which can be used for free travel.


47. Budget Traveller: This site gives you information about luxury hotels, how to travel within a budget and more. It gives inspiration to people based on the travel sites that each person has gone to. There are interviews of travellers who have gone to various places within a reasonable budget. Basically offers you luxury with an affordable price.


48. Off the path: This site is basically about adventure. The first thing that attracts you to the site is this beautiful picture of a mountain that speaks volumes about travelling and adventure. It gives you travelling tips and it contains amazing pictures about different locations.


49. Never ending voyage: This site uses a cartoon-like interface for its viewers. The font and the colour of the site is in form of a night journey that tells people that the trip is “never ending”.  It gives information about travel resources, packaging and destinations to go to. One cool thing about this site is that it has an app where people can download travel tips from.


50. Time Travel Turtle: This site has a beautiful interface, with lots of white and a few green. It gives information about travel tips, pictures and more. The owner’s mission is to see every UNESCO World Heritage site in the world. Therefore, there are a lot of stories on UNESCO spots.


51. Travel with Bender: This site uses sky blue to draw people to its blog. It has a beautiful interface that can appeal to the minds of the readers. It contains information on travel tips, travel gear, destinations and product reviews. It also contains information on travel hacks which was explained earlier (blog 47).


52. Nomadasaurus: This site is basically a site for planning your basic travel. It contains information on travel resources, adventure travel and more. They have beautiful photographs that can capture the readers’ attention and the best part is they are focused on “overlanding”, where you don’t necessarily have to fly rather, you enjoy the experience of a journey by road or any other means.


53. Love and Road: This site is owned by a couple whose love and passion for travel led them to start a travel site where they can share their travel experiences. The site contains information about travel tips, travel resources and more. The site contains pictures on sports and how to have fun when you are on a journey.


54. Wandering Earl: This site gives information about travel gear, travel tips and tours. It is a travel blog that gives useful tips to first time travellers around the world. The writer has visited different places around the world including India, Romania, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and Mexico.


55. The Sabbatical Guide: This blog is a resource for people to turn their extended travel dreams into a reality. It provides practical, realistic advice and tools to support you on your journey, and to slay the mental demons that are holding you back. You will also find travel guides to global destinations, that will inspire you to make travel an important part of your life.


56. Travel with me 24 X 7: This site contains information about travel tips, hotel reviews, style, as well as art. It has beautiful photographs of places that the owner has been to with amazing descriptions of different tourist sites that have been visited. It has detailed information about different countries in the world; this would definitely give any visitor to the site a feel of what the place is like.


57. Will Fly for Food: This site gives information about travel guides, travel tips and travel gears. One special thing about the site is that asides the travel, the main focus of the site is food. The author(s) write stories about good food in different places. The respectable restaurants, the delicious cuisine in different places and more.


58. The Shooting Star: This site is very simple and unique in its beautification of its interface. It uses white and high resolution pictures to endear people to the site. Some of the amazing places that the author has been to include Africa, Asia, Australia, Caucasus, Europe, Latin America and North America.


59. Go Backpacking: This site is a blog that gives you information on travelling and what to do when you are travelling. It contains information on how to plan a budget; it even has a sample spread sheet for people to follow. It also contains information about what to pack while travelling and more.


60. Uncornered Market: This site has a blog and it gives information about travel tips, resources and gears. It recommends good books for you to enjoy while travelling and also has speaking opportunities for people to learn from the authors. It contains information about food guides and favourite treks from around the world.


61. Why wait to see the World: This site has a beautiful interface, with an amazing picture that captures the essence of the blog. It contains varieties of gorgeous looking pictures that transcend the audience to the different destinations that the owner has explored. It contains a culinary page that discusses different restaurants and the best part is that it also talks about allergies that people have and how to avoid them in a new state.


62. eTramping: This site is quite colourful as it uses pictures to depict its status as a travel blog. It gives useful tips on what to do while travelling and different destination spots for you to go to. It also focuses on how to travel within a budget and it gives advice of how to make money abroad.


63. Foxnomad: This site not only gives tips on what to do when travelling, it has the added advantage of being “Techy”. So it discusses Tech gears that you can use while travelling. This site even has an app, where you can easily download information on your phone for easy travel. Another unique feature of this site is that it gives updated map of wireless passwords from airports and lounges worldwide which is called WIFOX.


64. Extra Pack of Peanuts: This is a basically a blog that gives you tips on how to travel and different travel destinations. It gives information on good hotels and resorts, food, flights and different travel gears to pack when planning a trip. It also offers information on travel credits which can be very useful while travelling.


65. Savored Journeys: The first that attracts you when you open this site is the beautiful display of food that beckons you to want to explore the site more. It contains information about different travel tips that are needed for a good travel and also has information on food and wine that you can enjoy while travelling.


66. That Backpacker: This site is very classy in its look; it uses white and black as its interface which is cool and nice. It also has a picture of a river that showcases the owner’s travels.  It contains travel tips and packing lists for what to get when travelling to some choice destinations.


67. The Little Green Journal: Indeed this site is green as the first thing you see when you explore the site is green palm fronds with beautiful looking huts. It offers travel tips and information about where to go to in Florida. It also has a travel shop where readers can get useful products from.


68. Cool Travel Blog: This is a blog that offers basic travel tips to its audience. It also contains information about places to visit, where to stay and food to eat. It offers travel budget tips and best part is that it offers videos for people to experience their travel tips.


69. Legal Nomads: This site is quite interesting as it offers useful tips on food and more. It contains useful information about travel and travel gear. It also offers writing courses for people who wish to learn to write. Furthermore, this site gives advice on glutton free restaurants in different locations.


70. Finding the Universe: This site is not just a blog but it is also a photography blog. It uses pictures to tell its stories. It offers travel tips ideas, and advice on travelling. It contains information on photography tips, photography location guides, how to pick a travel camera and more. So all you wannabe photographers, get in here!


71. Nomad is beautiful: This site has a beautiful interface as it uses pictures of nature to tell its story. The authors help you in planning your travel, they also give advice on travel photography and if you are interested in owning a travel blog, they have a course on what to do and how to start.


72. A lady in London: This blog contains information on travel tips and occasionally offers advice on travel blogging. The author shares E-books on travelling and blogging for readers to share and enjoy. The blog also has an event diary where information about different events that are placed on a calendar.


73. Breathe Dreams Go: This site wows you with an image of a beautiful peacock. There are wonderful pictures of different locations and it contains tips on travelling. The site basically focuses on India, even though there are stories about other parts of the world. It also offers advice on Yoga and spirituality.


74. Borders of Adventure: This site offers tips on travelling; it also gives cultural insights about different destinations. This is very important as it is very relevant for any traveller to understand the culture of the people that they are going to see. The site also has a shop where various purchases can be made.


75. Green Global Travel: If you are interested in keeping things green and eco-friendly, get in here, this blog is specifically for you. This site gives information on ecotourism destinations, travel tips and how to travel sustainably. It has information on wild life conservation and best part is that it offer tips on how to go green!


76. A couple for the road: This blog is owned by a couple whose love for travel is reflected in their site where they give useful tips on how to plan when travelling. They offer advice on travel gears for trips and the site also has a travel shop where useful travel kits can be found.


77. Vagabond Journey: this is a blog that offers advice on travelling. One unique thing about this blog is that it also has a Vlog (a video blog), where different travel stories are recorded on Youtube. It offers tutorials and travel tips for the audience. The author offers information on different destinations such as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and more.


78. Globe Trotter Girls: This site offers information about travel tips, gears, booking a hotel and more. One unique thing about this blog is that it caters to the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community. It gives information on gay communities and the countries where LGBT is accepted.


79. Pommie Travels: This site is a blog that gives useful travel tips and offers information about travel gears and resources. The blog uses pictures to convey its message about travelling and has interesting photographs for the viewers’ pleasure. The author offers advice on blogging and has a vlog where information is relayed.


80. Stefantrw: This site offers travel tips, information about how to start a travel blog and more. It gives hotel reviews and offers advice on good restaurants and travel spots. It helps up-coming bloggers to start their blog as it has a page for people to learn how to write for blogs.


81. Enchanting Travels: In this site, their speciality is to help you plan you trips and to ensure that you have a good time while you are it. This site offers travel tips and it has a guest review page, where guests can give their comments about different destinations that they have been to. The site has special offers where people can choose a package that would benefit them.


82. Desi Traveller: This site is an Indian blog that gives you information about events, tourist locations and ideas in India. The author(s) focuses on Indian food, recipes, restaurants and more. It gives reviews (hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, airline reviews) and talks about wildlife and nature.


83. Travelling Well for Less: This site is really about travelling with a budget. For those who cannot afford elaborate trips, you can still go ahead with your travel plans and enjoy yourself. This site offers travel tips and it has a page on how to travel for free to a selected destination. It also has reviews about different hotels and restaurants.


84. Tily Travels: This site is really chic and its interface definitely showcases someone who loves to travel. The first picture that you see when you open this site is a photograph of a woman with luggage. The owner of this site takes great pictures and there is even a category section where information about markets, festivals, tours, animal encounter is placed.


85. Travel to blank: This site uses white and teal to tell its story. It has a beautiful picture of a man and woman sitting on a deck with a river at its background. It offers different travels tips and it has different types of travel, which include: Adventure, Budget, Itineraries, Romantic, Luxury etc.


86. Travelsewhere: This site has a travel tip section, a talking travel category and a photography category. The site is also in times with the digital age as it gives information about useful WiFi spots in different locations. There is also an app that members of the audience can log into in other to receive information about WiFi.


87. Stingy Nomads: When you first hear the name of this blog, what comes to your mind? Well this blog offers you information on how to travel within a budget. It offers travel tips and travel stories about their experiences while travelling. Best part is that it also discusses two sports: Hiking and Diving!


88. This site gives information about how to plan a trip, how to make money online and how to start a blog. It has a business category where it discusses business and how to make money while you are travelling. This can be helpful for people are travelling on a budget.


89. Gypsy Couple: This blog is owned by a couple who are interested in travelling and fashion. They offer tips n travelling and useful gear to have while travelling. They have reviews on hotels and one amazing thing about this site is that they also write stories about vegan travelling and healthy eating.


90. Olielo: This site offers reviews on luxury hotels and their services. It also gives advice on how to plan your trips and what to take along with you when travelling. Unlike some other sites, this one includes spas in its category. Spas are really relevant in helping you relax when you go on a journey.


91. A Southern Traveller: This blog is restricted to Coast Arica, France, Italy and the United States. It offers travel tips and the best places to eat, and shop in. For all you shopaholics, this is for you. It gives useful information on healthy feeding and more.


92. The Curious Pixie: This blog has a really classy interface and it uses a pixie (fairy) as its logo. It contains the author’s experiences while travelling to Africa, Europe and North America. It also contains a category for food and drinks and where to get them in specific places in the United Kingdom. The site also contains information on lifestyle which basically focuses on Theatre, Museums, Spas and more.


93. Kevins Travel Diary: This blog opens up to a beautiful view of a house close to a river. It offers travel advice and travel tips. This is the only blog so far that has included the coldest place on the planet as its travel destination. Yes, it is Antarctica! It has books and a bucket list that discusses the experiences of the author.


94. Travels with Tam: This site is all about adventure and having fun while travelling. The author shares some of her travel experience with the world and also discusses diving adventures, which is a unique part to the blog. However, thought the blog uses playful fonts to relay its messages, the font used for this blog is not so clear for people to read clearly. In all, the blog is an interesting read and should be followed in 2018.


95. Cellophane Land: This blog has interviews of people which it refers to as “conversations”. This offers information about art and culture, food, health and beauty. So all you lovers of art feel free to follow this blog for your updates.


96. Little Foot Adventures: This site offers basic information about travel. It offers tips on planning, packing, hotels and restaurants. It gives information about Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Caribbean and Central America.


97. The Ex Travel: This blog offers information on Airline deals, promotions, travel as well as hotel deals and reviews. It gives information about travel tips, visas and more. One advantage of this site is that it has a shop where people can get items and gears from.


98. Places in Pixel: This blog is unique for its ability to tell travel stories through pictures. The author(s) takes beautiful pictures of different locations, restaurants and food. If you are one who appreciates good pictures and would like to see the world through the lens of a good photographer, then follow this blog!


99. Hapreet’s Wanderlust: This site is quite colourful with its use of pictures to describe different travel experiences. The author does a review of books which she tags “booklust”. There are also tips and “How Tos” about travelling.


100. Hopping Feet: This site uses blue and white to appeal to the minds of its readers. It contains beautiful pictures about different locations and it showcases the world through photographs. It also contains helpful tips on travelling. So if you are a lover of good pictures, follow this blog so that you see the world through the eyes of the author.


Whoa! Here are our top 100 travel blogs for 2018! Congratulations to everyone who made the list. Think we miss anyone. Let us know and we will note it down so we can keep track of them.

Following anyone of them already? Please drop a comment why you love their site.

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  • Fred 19th June 2020, 03:30:25 AM
    Hi, Great work - some amazing blogs that I will check out and definitely keep up with. I'd love to be included into this list! My website can be found at - our blog focuses on time efficient travel, which included tips on saving time, traveling on time constraints, and how to avoid delays (crowded attractions, long lines, etc). Our focus destinations are Australia and South Korea. Thank you so much! Fred
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