Nitestay Annual Survey 2017- Why Do People Chose Hotels to Lodge in

We are pleased to announce the 2017 version of the Annual Nitestay Travel Survey (place a link to the survey here). This annual survey is being carried out to get to know the pulse of the industry both from the consumer and provider perspective. This year’s annual survey is focused on understanding why people choose the hotels they lodge in.  


We conducted the survey to find out the pulse of the consumers on the reasons why they choose a particular hotel to lodge. The survey was distributed through our social media platform and our newsletter. In total, 50 people took part in the survey which ran for just around 2 weeks.


  1. When asked the questions what comes to mind when people are considering a hotel to lodge, respondents gave the following answers

#1: Comfort

One of the factors people decided they look out for in a hotel is comfort. Comfort is actually very important in every area of life. People make decisions on many factors but they also decide on whether a situation would be convenient or not. Apart from the fact that a hotel room is used for out of town circumstances, people also go to hotels as a way of relaxation and nobody wants to relax in an uncomfortable environment. It is important that their stay at the hotel make them feel less stressed and enjoyable.

#2: Newness and Cleanliness

There is a certain satisfaction that being in a new place gives one. A hotel doesn't have to be new in fact but it should feel new. Cracked walls and rusted pipes does not give people a good feeling and even if the hotel were clean, the wear and tear would not make it look as clean as it should be. People want to feel that where they spend their night and day is clean.

#3: Refreshment:

Food is one of the basic needs of man. Shelter, which would be provided by the hotel room, is another. But the kind of food that would be served is a factor that some people take into cognizance when choosing a hotel. They want to know that the hotel cares about what they put in their mouth. Apart from the natural desire of man to prefer pleasurable things, they would also consider their health when eating outside their home. So, it is important to them that their taste buds are satisfied but that the food would also be favorable to their body.

#4: Price:

Affordability matters to people when making the choice of a hotel to book. It is a wide known fact that people value expensive things more than they do something cheaper because they would naturally assume the more expensive the product or service is, the higher the quality. Therefore, while it is necessary that a hotel gets the worth of its services, the people want a good service at an affordable price. The idea is that the hotel should be priced reasonably based on what it can offer. A hotel priced too exorbitantly is not attractive to a clear majority of people.

#5: Location and Proximity:

It is also important to people that the hotel booked is close enough to whatever they need to do. When they have business or events or any kind of engagement in a place, people are more likely to consider the hotels around the area of their engagement. It will make it easy, especially in a place where they have never visited before, if the hotel is close. Also, they consider the location where the hotel is situated. Is the area conducive? Is it safe? Is it motorable? and many more questions like that.

#6: Ambience:

Another factor that is considered when booking a hotel is the ambience of the hotel. This must do with the prevailing environment of the hotel. And it can be determined right from the entrance at the gate to the rooms. The staff, the setting, the arrangement and organization of the hotel will determine the ambience of the hotel and it is either welcoming or not. When people leave their homes for a hotel, they want to feel welcome and feel the feeling of being at home in a hotel.

#7: Security:

 Security is a major issue every part of the world, especially with the ever-increasing crime rate around the world. It is, therefore, not surprising that people want to be sure of their security and consider it as an important factor when choosing a hotel to stay. They want to feel a sense of safety when they are at a hotel, away from home.

#8: Free Wi-Fi:

 Some other people consider free Wi-Fi when they want to book a hotel. We are in the electronic age now and a lot of things are done using the internet. It is important to people to be in an environment when they can do that without stress.

#9: Facilities:

The facilities are also another crucial factor that people consider when choosing a hotel. Everything ranging from the rooms to the air conditioning, TV sets, bathroom and toilet is important to people. They want to see facilities that are useable, comfortable and conducive in a hotel they would consider staying in.

We can see from the above, the comfortability, security and price are the major reasons while people choose hotels to lodge in.

Why do you choose hotels to stay in. We love to hear your comments.


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