Why Travelers Choose Hotels [Infographic]


Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, there is a lot that goes into the planning process. One major important part of the whole trip is deciding where to lodge for the duration of your visit.

Just recently we concluded our survey on the top reasons why people choose hotels to stay. The result of the survey can be view here but for our readers, who prefer to visual reading, we have summarized the survey in this traveler infographic.

3 Key Insight from the Survey

1. Comfortability is Important to Everyone

20% of our respondents picked comfortability as the most important reason they will stay in a hotel. What is interesting about this factor is that even for other who did not pick comfortability as their major factor, it was still picked amongst other major reasons. So for most hotelier, making people feel more at home is the key to a happy customer.

2. Hotel Rates is Still Important

14% of our respondent picked rates as the second major reason they will stay in a hotel. Of course, this is not so surprising but what makes it surprising is the fact that it comes not as the most important factor in the equation.

3. Ditch Your Wifi or Maybe Not

Thinking wifi is a selling point. No. You probably have to think again. Of all our respondent, only one person stated the availability of wifi as one of the reasons they will pick a hotel to stay.


You can check out the full result of the survey here

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