The Entrepreneur Guide to Travelling for Business or Pleasure

Many say travelling is a good way to learn.

This statement cannot far from the truth because of the vast wealth of knowledge that would be at one’s disposal when one has the opportunity to see and behold what one is learning. 

For instance, knowledge about the Egyptian pyramids or the Taj Mahal of India or any other sight in the world would be better grasped when you can see it for yourselves.


As an entrepreneur, therefore, it cannot be overemphasised how important it is to travel. Staying in a certain place limits your perspectives and sources of inspiration unlike when you make travelling a priority.


In case, you have any questions or doubts as to how to go about it, you don’t worry any longer; the information was gathered for you.


3 Ways Travel can Help you as an Entrepreneur:

Should you as an entrepreneur travel? Can travel make you a better entrepreneur or is there no advantage to traveling for most busy business people.

As an entrepreneur, you are interested in exchanging value for cash and you want to make sure you are always relevant in providing value. Travelling would help you in import and export ideas. You learn from the people and they also learn from you to make you a better entrepreneur.

Travelling exposes you. When the only culture and lifestyle that you are familiar with is that of your country alone, it limits the way you think. However, learning from other culture expands your worldview and make you more creative and productive.

Travelling makes you wiser economically. Firstly, planning a budget for travelling will teach you a lot about finances because you don’t want to become stranded in a foreign land. Also, being exposed to other currencies will unconsciously make you appreciate money more.


How to Create a Good Business Travel Budget

Definitely, when travelling, one thing that is important is planning your budget because the worst thing that could anyone is to be stranded in a strange land.

One of the first things to do when planning is get information. Get information about everything about the area, all you will need, the exchange rate, all the expenses you are likely to spend, travel tips and so on. Basically, read everything and anything that would come in handy.

Try to minimise expenses. You will find that you don’t break your account to enjoy many of these places as far as you are willing for minimal comfort. Do away with too much luxury, that is only way you will enjoy a new place anyway.

Take all the necessities along so you would not need to have to start buying when you get there.

Take extra cash for miscellaneous as well as unforeseen contingencies.

Inform your bank or account officer, so you can get all information you will need about banking policies that might affect your withdrawal.


Business Expense App to Help you Track Your Spending

As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep track of your spending. So, here are five apps that would help you with it.

BizXpense Tracker was built for small and medium business especially. Apart from keeping track of expenses, it also keeps records of your work as well as provides reports.

Foreceipt helps you keep track of receipts for your business transaction; all you have to do is take a picture and enter necessary information. It also helps you make a budget.

Concur Mobile is good for those that travel a lot. It helps you make reports, track spending of employees, and even book hotels plus other expenses that would accrue on the journey.

Certify is really good for tracking expenses of employees. They help the employee send the receipts of all expenses during travel.

Expensify can be synced to your credit cards and allow transactions to be made automatically if you would prefer it. It can also be used to capture receipts and keep track of expenses.


The 15 Most Important Items to Always Carry When You Travel

It is important as an entrepreneur to know what to travel with, in order to make your journey more enjoyable and less stressful.

External batteries: Chances are you will be on your phone a lot and will therefore need the extra batteries

Earphones to block out external noise especially during the flight

Healthy snacks, just in case you get hungry.

Water is always useful

Comfortable socks come in handy in a trip

You can replace a heavy laptop with a smaller one or tablet to reduce the weight of your luggage

Emergency kit containing pain reliever, antibiotics, vitamins and prescribed drugs if you have one.

Phone charger should never be forgotten.

Power bank will also come in handy especially if you are travelling to a place with epileptic power supply.

A jacket or coat for the cold.

Business attires. You will need it for corporate meetings

Casuals for sightseeing and entertainment

A money clip for men and smaller purse for women

Any form of entertainment such as a book or magazine

Extra money is very necessary


10 Great Tips for Working Remotely When You Travel

Staying in touch during your travel tips either to keep tab on work or on the most important things that matters to you, you need some tips that can make you more productive. Here are some tips for working remotely when you travel.

You are not constrained to the four walls of an office remotely, so enjoy the time. You don’t have to keep yourself tied to the normal time you work at the office. The only thing you have to bother about is making sure to be productive, so do whatever would make that possible as it is convenient for you.

The point of being remote does not mean you should remain cooped up inside the room; you can go to a park or a coffee shop, find a quiet space and get your work done. The change might do you good.

Have a dedicated workspace where you are staying. It gives you a sense of organisation.

Work according to your natural rhythm, that is an advantage of working remotely

Don’t work in your pyjamas as much as you might be tempted. Get up and get dressed.

It can be easy to get used to the sedentary life. Get up from your chair and get some workout done for the sake of your health.

Don’t spend all your time working. Give some room fun, you become more productive.

Keep away from distractions, which can be difficult when you are working away from the office.

Don’t stay locked up alone. Interact with others (whether they have to do with work or not), you might get ideas from them.

Don’t pressure yourself and be realistic. Some days are better than others, even away from the office. Understand and accept it


Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to A Local Place:

Traveling can take you to many places. Some new, some not so new. However, staying away from trouble is an important tip for travellers to new places. For example, knowing how to greet strangers if you are in a foreign land can make a huge difference in how exciting you find your trip. Here are some cool travel tips for first time travels to new places

Understand the differences in culture and accept it. Don’t be grumpy about the change.

Have fun. It is important to always include fun even when you travel for business

Be ready to learn from the culture. You never know where your next big idea will come from, so don’t be close-minded and undermine anyone you meet.

Interact, both with the culture and with the people. That is the only way to have a fully exposed, enlightening experience.

Find a local to take you around. Don’t rely on your guide book; it cannot be as enlightening as hearing about the area from a local.


Ways to not miss out on local culture when you travel

New to a place. Here is how not to miss out on what the local culture have to offer.

Learn the language. Even if you feel you don’t need it, it can be fun.

Interact with the locals and ask a lot of questions

Eat their local cuisines and have a different experience

Try to avoid looking for luxury and actually seek to experience what it means to be from the area.

Take public transportation.

There you have it. The complete travel guide for entrepreneurs. What do you love most about traveling.

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