Nitestay Travel Digest #3

Looking for the best travel tips?

Then you do not need to look further. This is because we read hundreds of articles from different travel blogs every day so you do not have to.

In this particular best of the month travel tips for January, we take you on a journey to the most romantic spots in Indian, share with you reasons to visit Andalusia, in Spain, help you with the best tips for business, guide you on and ultimately tells you what to look for when seeking hotels to book.


Let’s go


1. 7 Of the Most Romantic Spots in Indian by aluxurytravelblog

Is Indian the land of romance? Well, you can find out with these romantic spots in India. And since we are preparing for the month of love, this information comes handy at no better time.


2. How the travel industry will evolve in 2018 by ImVoyager

What are the trends and statistics that will shape the travel industry in 2018? As more and more people become connected, this article looks at the trends and events that will further shape the industry in 2018.


3. 6 Ways to Eat Vegan Food In Africa by thenomadicvegan

Africa is an interesting place to visit and I am not talking about the weather or food. Oh yes , the food can be fun so if you are a vegan and planning on traveling to Africa, this article is for you.


4. 5 Reasons to Visit the South of Spain by theplanted

Not sure where to visit in 2018. Consider a trip to Andalusia. Need some further nulgding? How about a trip to exploring the Alhambra


5. The Ultimate Guide to Business Travel by Nitestay

No matter your reason for traveling, you will need this business travel guides. It shares what you need to do , pack and know in advance to make your travel a bliss.


There you have it. The best travel tips for January. Have a travel story to share? Please drop your comment below

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