How to Choose the Best Hotels to Stay

When you intend to go on a vacation or trip, one major factor to consider is where to stay.

Choosing the best hotel to stay can be a very daunting task, especially with the numerous deals, rewards programs and promotions these hotels give. 

It gets further complicated these days as most hotels pack post tantalizing pictures of their hotels and its surroundings on their websites; leaving lodgers with the impression that they are guaranteed to enjoy the best of luxury.

How true are these pictures? How can you tell if you would truly experience luxury as you step into the lobby – and more importantly, if it’s the best hotel to stay?

Since every traveler has numerous needs or criteria they look for when searching for a hotel, you’ll need to ask yourself what criteria makes the selection of a hotel important to you. Whether you love promotions or deals, a great location, facilities, local flavour, tourist attractions, we’ve simplified the hotel selection process to make it easier for you to choose the best hotel to stay when you use Nitestay for your hotel bookings.

What’s Most Important?

Before you begin your search, determine the type of accommodations you want and what your budget will permit. Would you like a hotel with a spa and fitness centre, or does one with a local flavour entice you?

Whatever your criteria might be; once you’ve decided which one tops the list, you can now make a narrowed search. Here’s a list of top 10 things to consider when choosing the best hotels to stay.

Price: Of course, price is a very major determinant to consider when selecting a hotel. When you visit Nitestay, simply fill in the hotel name you’d like to lodge at and check-in and check-out dates.  The results will show you the hotel’s location, pictures and prices of rooms/suites at the hotels. Then, you can select the room you’d like based on your budget.

Hotel Location: Location has to do a lot with why you’re travelling.  For instance, if you’re on a business trip, you’d need to select a hotel located in a convenient environment, and close to the main business centers or industrial centres of the city. On the other hand, if you’re planning for a honeymoon, vacation or sightseeing, a hotel that’s centrally located within various tourists’ attractions is your best pick. A hotel located centrally located, it makes it easy for you to visit all tourists’ places in less time. And if you just need to unwind, get closer to nature, or escape the hustle and bustle, your best pick would be a hotel located in a remote or serene environment.

Also, look out for hotels in close proximity to medical services, airports, railway stations, and shopping malls. Not only does it save time; it also makes your trip more fun.

Ambience and Local Flavour: You may decide to lodge at bigger chain hotels, you would have a pretty good idea of what to expect. However, if you’d rather escape the bigwigs or big chains, you’re in luck- with Nitestay; you have the opportunity to select from a number of inns, family-owned and small independent hotels.

Parking Space: If you’re going to arrive at the hotel by car, you are going to need a place to park. Factors to consider here include: availability of parking space at the hotel, parking fees, and how secure the parking lot is. 

Onsite Facilities/Services: Modern hotels fully understand the importance of different amenities and services to their customers unlike their traditional counterparts. Most times, hotels with exceptional services and facilities are mostly chosen by clients, especially tourists. For instance, if you’re staying for a business trip, having internet facilities and Wi-Fi is necessary.

Depending on what facilities you’re looking for in a hotel, it’s necessary that you check out what’s located onsite. For some people, a pool or a restaurant is enough for them. For others, it might be the availability of parking space, laundry services, spa or golf course, fitness centre, well-stocked bar, etc.

And for some, it might be the availability of a complimentary breakfast as buying breakfast over a week or for a family of 3 or 4 can put a huge dent in your finances.

Whatever onsite facility you’d like to have at the hotel, ensure such facility is available before booking.

Accessibility: This is an extremely factor you need to consider when going on a trip. Make sure adequate transport is accessible from the hotel.  The hotel must give shuttle services to key destinations such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, and airport. Additionally, there should be an availability of public transport or taxi services nearby the hotel. Lack of accessibility of quick transportation can be very frustrating and ruin the fun of lodging at the hotel.

Star Ratings or Testimonials/Reviews: In this digital age, customers have the opportunity to choose from various hotels. Before choosing any hotel, check for star ratings. Star rating is the easiest way to display the categorization of a hotel.

Basically, the more stars a hotel receives, the better the quality of services and experience it offers. You could also check out testimonials written by other customers who’ve visited that hotel. However, remember that there is no total control over the reviews and testimonials; so, there is no guarantee of 100% honesty and transparency given by former hotel users and travel bloggers.

Family-Friendliness: If you’re planning on a trip with kids, you need to make sure that you select a hotel that will accommodate them. Ensure you go through basics such as a pool or recreation centre, cribs or bunks, and refrigerators in the rooms. Also, look out for extra perks each hotel has to offer families. Such as onsite babysitting, discounted kids’ meals, etc.

Pet-Friendliness: Likewise, if you’ve got a dog you can’t leave at home, you’d want to be careful when selecting a hotel. Of course, if the hotel accommodates dogs, you need to know if there are any extra cleaning fees, if they provide dog run, and if there’s a place to walk the dog nearby.

Extra Fees: When choosing a hotel, you need to consider what amenities you’re going to need and inquire whether they’re included in the rate. For instance, if you’d like to have a fitness session with your friends or family, then you may want to look for a hotel that offers discount. The same applies to selecting a hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi if you need internet access.

Always remember that the hotel you choose to stay can heavily influence your rip’s pleasure. Therefore, ensure you take these factors into consideration before choosing a hotel.

May your trip be filled with fun!

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