8 Tips For Cutting Vacation Cost

We all love vacations and traveling especially when you are resident in another country, the need to spend your major holidays or visit your home country arises at a point in time.

When most people are called to come home for important reasons or have holidays to plan, the fear of breaking the bank in the process arises as nobody would like to go on a holiday and return to an empty bank account. Many travel and cut their holiday short because they planned for too many activities and during the course of this holiday, they run out of money and return home in a short time.

The vacation destinations and travel packages we are exposed to are those on the pages of magazines, TV commercials and advertisements, which make you believe that you have to spend a fortune to enjoy the luxury of traveling on vacations or holidays to your home country or other destinations.

However, you do not have to break the bank to go on a vacation, whether you are going alone or with your family, you can travel cheaper, spend a longer time at your destination and sleep at a good hotel. Here are tips to guide you on how to plan for a cheaper vacation and holidays.


Have a Budget

The first step to spending less on your vacation is drafting a budget, making plans according to your pocket so that you do not spend beyond what you can afford. Many people waste money on frivolous things when on a vacation because they did not plan their trip and make a budget of things they should buy and how much they can afford to spend. Don’t plan to book the hotel you have been seeing on the news when you can get a cheaper one with the same standard with the help of nitestay.com.


Do not park your car at the Airport

Car park charges at the airport are outrageous, the bills keep increasing as long as your car is parked. Instead of parking your car at the airport and have debt pile up while you are away, you can ask someone you know, a friend or a family member to drop you at the airport. If No one is available or willing to drop you, take a taxi, if you compare the Taxi fee to the airport car park bills, you would see the huge difference.


Buy all necessities

Making a list of all your necessities and buying them before traveling on a vacation will save you some money and reduce your unforeseen expenses. However, having to carry everything makes your luggage bigger, but you can be smart about it by packing fewer clothing items just to make sure you have space for your toiletries, chargers, medication ( if needed), camera and other items that would make you comfortable where you are going.

This would also help cut some bucks off baggage fees, as you would have to pay for your luggage at the airport, and to avoid paying through your nose, you can pack light. On the other hand, you can make a list and take it with you and on your arrival to your destination, stop by a discount store to get all your necessities as they might cost more at a hotel or resort.


Take advantage of promotion packages

Airline companies, hotels, parks and other vacation destinations run promotion packages a few times in a year, you can get as much as 40% discount during this periods. Instead of paying through your nose to travel, why not take advantage of these packages and pay less for the same experience. Take your time to check around for these opportunities and make the most of them. Find out when these opportunities would come by and fix your holidays and vacation within this period. You should also endeavor to book on time as you are not the only one on the look out for opportunities like this, many people would want to enjoy these discounts too.


Take free tours

Taking free tours would save you a lot of money and you would catch lots of fun too. When you go on a vacation, you have all day to enjoy yourself, so to make the most of your days wherever you are, and spend less, you need to take free tours, visit free parks, and go to places you would have a swell time and pay nothing at all. You can also try making friends with a person or two who know their way around town, they would take you to places you need to see, and you would not have to pay them.


Avoid peak seasons

Flying week days and off peak seasons will save you some bucks as the rush for goods and services during peak seasons bring about a hike in the prices of almost everything. To spend less and travel cheaper, book and travel before peak seasons and if you can’t meet up with this, then go after the season, fly midweek and your pocket would be glad you did. One thing people don’t know is that when you travel off season,cost is lower and the weather is better because your destination will be less crowded guaranteeing more fun.


Do not rent a car

Renting a car is like depriving yourself of the real travel experience and it costs a lot of money too. When you rent a car, you have to purchase petrol everyday, and the bill piles up the more you use the rented vehicle. However, you can save a lot of money and have lots of fun if you use public transportation as it will expose you to the local people of your destination country or city. By doing so, you learn a thing or two about their culture and pick up a few words in their languages, trust me, you will enjoy this part of your travel experience. However, if you do not want to go through the hustle and bustle of boarding public transportation vehicles, then you can call an Uber or taxi, this will be more expensive than public transportation but it still saves you some money compared to renting a vehicle.


Eat outside your Hotel

It is not news that food cost more in hotels and resort centers, it’s how they make their money so do not blame them. Eating at a local restaurant not only saves you a couple of bucks, it also exposes you to the local dishes of the country or city you are visiting, do not trade that experience for anything. Imagine coming to Lagos and not trying Ewa agoyin, a locally made beans with a special stew to go with it, and many other local dishes. It’s like coming to Ibadan and not eating out at an Amala joint. Intercontinental and international dishes cost more because they have to import some of the ingredients and that cost a lot of money, so in order not to pay so much, eating locally made food should be a welcomed idea.

Now that you know how to cut the cost of traveling by half, Don’t deny yourself and your family the travel experience. Create memories, share experiences and travel the world with your loved ones.

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